Project Live believes that housing is more than just a roof over a person’s head but also a “home”, and that decent and affordable housing, ongoing supportive services, and employment opportunities are critical to the process of recovery. The agency subscribes to the “HOUSING FIRST” model, and, therefore strives to provide an environment that is supportive of each individual’s steps to wellness and recovery.
A significant number of individuals with mental illness also struggle with substance abuse. To help these individuals, Co-Occurring (Mental Health and Substance Abuse) services are an integral component of the overall services package.

Project Live subscribes to the “Housing First” model, and provides an environment that is supportive of individuals’ unique and specifc needs. The program substance abuse counselor conducts an initial assessment designed to identify each individual’s stage of change and complimentary intervention(s). The substance abuse counselors meet with people individually on a regular basis. S/He uses motivational interviewing techniques to help consumers recognize how their actions affect their desired recovery goals so that they can overcome ambivalence. Additionally, s/he refers individuals to local community self-help groups, such as, Pleasant Moments, a self help center located in the same building as PLI’s administrative offices. Currently, the Supportive Housing Substance Abuse counselor facilitates a self-help group at the supportive housing program office.

Two of Project Live’s group homes were developed specifically for individuals with MICA issues and have on-site services and specialized staff to address the residents’ goals to remain free from drug and alcohol use while maintaining psychiatric stability.

Project Live, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, age, color, gender, marital status, physical or mental handicap, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or ability to pay.

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