Project Live believes that housing is more than just a roof over a person’s head but also a “home”, and that decent and affordable housing, ongoing supportive services, and employment opportunities are critical to the process of recovery. The agency subscribes to the “HOUSING FIRST” model, and, therefore strives to provide an environment that is supportive of each individual’s steps to wellness and recovery.
The residential programs provide a wide continuum of service intensity from 24 hours supervised, transitional group homes to independent, permanent living arrangements. The services in every residence are tailored to the needs of each individual living there. Within the program, the residents learn the skills they will need to manage their own households.

Assistance is provided even before moving in, with benefits linkages, counseling, and move-in assistance, and once in PLI homes, with learning ADL (Activities of Daily Living) skills including: cooking, cleaning, budgeting and banking, using public transportation, taking medication, arranging necessary appointments and more. Once the resident leaves the program, he or she joins the growing support network of Project Live graduates who receive continuing services through the Supportive Housing Program.

Ongoing encouragement to pursue educational and employment opportunities is provided. Linkages to such organizations, transportation, and budgeting assistance is offered to ease the transition to volunteer or paid employment.

The major program elements of Project Live are:

Project Live, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, age, color, gender, marital status, physical or mental handicap, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or ability to pay.